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Bering Isthmus
Information about the land bridge that connected North America and Asia for almost two million years, until about 11 000 years ago.

Canadian Emblematic Birds
Take a peek at Canada's provincial and territorial birds.

Geologic Time Scale
Introduction to the geologic time scale, which relates the age of Earth's rock layers to time in Earth's history.

Ice Ages
Basic information about ice ages, with a focus on the one that ended most recently.

Recommended Web Sites
A list of web sites with information related to the subject matter of the Natural History Notebooks.

Reproduction Rights
Guidance on permission to copy the information and images in the Natural History Notebooks.

Scientific Names and Classification
A brief summary of a system to identify and sort animals and plants that is commonly used by scientists.

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Button: Amphibians. Photo: Bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeiana). Button: Invertebrates. Photo: House fly (Musca domestica).
Button: Dinosaurs. Illustration: Tyrannosaurus rex. Archive slide: S71-116. Button: Prehistoric. Illustration: Muskox (Ovibos moschatus).
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