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Teacher Zone

A group of young visitors gathered around a museum interpreter in our fossil gallery, touching a toothy fossil cast.


Virtual School Workshops

Funding that covers the fees for Canadian schools facing financial barriers to our workshops. Find out more.

Virtual Workshops

Neil Valois © Canadian Museum of Nature


Transport your classroom to the museum virtually for a curriculum-linked workshop with one of our professional educators in this online program.

Bursaries for Workshops

Funding for schools with financial barriers provides access to our amazing virtual workshops.

Connected through Minerals Edukit

A rentable suitcase of objects, activities and teaching resources for grades 4 to 7. Explore the relevance of minerals in our daily lives. How do we start with rocks and end up with smartphones?

Visit the Museum

Bring your school group to the museum for an unguided tour of our permanent galleries and special exhibitions.

For Teachers

Participate in events organized by the museum for you. We'd like to meet you!

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