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Scientific Services

A beetle specimen.

Travel Grants

Visiting Scientists in Entomology

Funding to facilitate research in beetle systematics and fossil insects in the museum's collections.

A variety of mounted beetle specimens in collection trays.

Search Our Collections

Online Database

An online tool provides access to the vast collections of the museum.

Collection Loans

Specimens from our natural history collections are available for loan, research or exhibition purposes, by recognized researchers and institutions. Special arrangements may be considered to lease specimens and objects for other purposes. On-site access to collections specimens is an option. Search our collections.

National Biodiversity Cryobank of Canada

Storage is available for DNA, tissue and phenotype vouchers from projects outside of the museum. More information.

Taxonomic Identification

We provide taxonomic identification services, drawing on our vast natural-history collections and expertise. Contact us.

Zooarchaeological Analysis

The museum's extensive osteology collection provides an excellent reference for the identification of vertebrate hard tissues. It is available for use by private contractors on a fee basis. Contact us.

Scientific Training Program

To enhance scientific expertise, the Canadian Museum of Nature has a training program that includes opportunities for young experts at the undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral levels.

Acid-Free Storage Boxes

Looking for specimen and artefact boxes of archival quality to provide a high standard of care for your specimens? Constructed of 100% virgin polyethylene terephthalate (PET), these containers are transparent, neutral pH, chemically stable and antistatic.

Microanalysis Laboratory

The Canadian Museum of Nature offers microanalysis services and expertise, including imaging and data analysis. We can give you the information you need on minerals, alloys and other industrial products, as well as all types of solid material, including uncoated insulators and biological material.

Assessing and Managing Risks to Your Collections

This introductory, interactive, non-technical, training workshop is designed for all stakeholders in collection preservation. Flexible scheduling: 1, 2, 3 or 5-day workshops possible.