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Stewart and Jarmila Peck Visiting-Scientist Awards in Entomology

Financial Grants for Travel Costs

Made possible by a generous gift from Drs. Stewart and Jarmila Peck of Ottawa, Canada, through a donation to the Nature Foundation, the Canadian Museum of Nature and the Beaty Centre for Species Discovery are pleased to announce the Stewart and Jarmila Peck Visiting-Scientist Awards in Entomology.

These annual travel grants facilitate research in the study of beetle systematics and fossil insects in the museum's world-class beetle and paleoentomology collections.

The main objective of the Stewart and Jarmila Peck Visiting-Scientist Awards in Entomology are to assist collection-based systematics studies by

  • facilitating and supporting individual research based in part on the beetle and fossil insect collections of the Canadian Museum of Nature
  • providing external expertise enhancing the state of curation of the museum's beetle and fossil-insect collections.

Enhanced curation could include

  • designation of types
  • updated taxonomy
  • specimen sorting and identification, particularly in taxa for which the museum lacks in-house expertise.

How to Apply

Applications must be written in English or French.

Complete the application form (Microsoft Word document):

  • download the application form to your computer
  • save it with a file name of your own
  • complete the form by typing directly into it
  • save it
  • email it to Robert Anderson

The application form requires information on the following:

  • basic applicant information
  • a short project description
  • budget
  • two letters of recommendation (letters may be submitted separately by the application deadline; they must clearly state the name of the applicant)
  • curriculum vitae.

The documents submitted may be used by the museum for purposes of promotion of the Stewart and Jarmila Peck Visiting-Scientist Awards in Entomology.

The Canadian Museum of Nature does not disclose the applicants' personal contact information to the public.

Your Deadlines

Application deadline: March 31, at 11:59 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (UTC−04).

Summary report: Within three months of travel completion.

Our Deadline

Award announcements: By May 1. The Award The maximum amount of any award is $10 000.

Typical expenses that may be paid from these grants include travel, lodging, and meals while the recipient is conducting research at the museum.

Grants can be for any duration, but most awards will be for short-term visits of less than one month. Prior to submission, proposals should be discussed with existing entomology staff to in order to ensure timing and suitability of a visit.

Each grantee is required to submit a written report summarizing the scientific accomplishments and improvements to the collection that were made during the award residency. This report must be submitted within three months of travel completion.

A seminar or scientific presentation on the applicant's research during the visit is encouraged but not required.

It is expected that the Stewart and Jarmila Peck Visiting-Scientist Awards in Entomology will be appropriately acknowledged in all publications that result from the work.


This grant is open to all persons with knowledge and expertise in beetle systematics, except as stipulated below.

Only one award per individual per year.

Non-Canadian applicants are responsible for obtaining and/or providing any documentation required by the Canada Border Services Agency when visiting Canada for scientific-research purposes. Successful awardees will receive an invitation letter from the museum describing the reason for the visit and the nature of the work being done at the museum.

The employees of the Canadian Museum of Nature (and its affiliated or related entities) and members of their family are not eligible to apply for the Stewart and Jarmila Peck Visiting Scientist Awards in Entomology. In this context, "family" means the spouse, partners, parents, children, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews.


Robert Anderson