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Museum research scientist Amanda Savoie looking for seaweed specimens in the intertidal zone at Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia. 

Ocean and Freshwater Connections

UN Decade of Ocean Science

Learn about the museum's research and education on aquatic species and water-related topics.

A woman and a group of children carry garbage bags on a beach.

Ocean Plastics SOS

Take Action

It's time to curb our reliance on plastics. We need to work together to save the oceans and protect the diverse life they sustain. Here are eight actions you can take now to help reduce plastic pollution.

Science Exposed

Image Contest

Research groups or individuals are invited to tell science stories through images in this contest by NSERC

Water Gallery
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Water Gallery

Water covers 70% of our planet. It’s our most precious natural resource.

In the refreshed Water Gallery explore the interconnectedness of all water systems, and all life, on Earth. Dive into critical issues such as plastic pollution, climate change and ocean acidification.

Learn about vulnerable species. See real specimens. Meet some live animals, including freshwater fish, a spotted turtle and moon jellyfish!

Stroll around a real skeleton of a blue whale—the largest animal ever to live!

Enjoy models, videos and interactive displays.

Learn how you can make a difference to sustain oceans, lakes and rivers for future generations.

One climate. One ocean. One Earth.