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Owls Rendez-Vous
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Owls Rendez-Vous

Outdoor Exhibition

Temporary Closure
We are taking care of our birds! The Owls Rendez-Vous exhibition is temporarily closed to protect the birds against avian influenza. The birds have been moved to a safe place and will be back shortly. All of our birds are healthy and safe.

Red Dog Digital © Canadian Museum of Nature


Khaleesi is a Eurasian Eagle-Owl.

Red Dog Digital © Canadian Museum of Nature


Max is a Great Horned Owl.

Come face-to-face with live owls! 

Mysterious and fierce hunters, owls inspire stories of transformation and wisdom in cultures around the world. 

In this outdoor exhibition, created in partnership with Little Ray's Nature Centres, see owls (and an eagle!) in their specially-designed habitat enclosures:

  • Max, a Great Horned Owl, known for a distinctive hoot and ear tufts 
  • Khaleesi, a Eurasian Eagle-Owl with striking orange eyes 
  • Two Snowy Owls: a male (Oberon) and female (Luna). Snowy Owls are one of the few owl species that migrate
  • Juno, a female Bald Eagle that was rescued and rehabilitated after injury

Owls and eagles are birds of prey known as raptors. There are over 500 species of raptors around the world! 

Don't miss this rare opportunity to connect with these astonishing creatures and discover some of their amazing adaptations.

Learn more in these frequently asked questions.

Cost: Included with museum admission.

Cool Facts About Owls and Their Adaptations