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Earth Gallery
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Earth Gallery

This fascinating exhibition showcases dazzling minerals and rocks, and explains how geological forces have shaped our planet.

There are many interactive games and simulations, which visitors of all ages will enjoy: 

  • build a volcano 
  • create an earthquake 
  • check out the fun sedimentator, magmanator and metamorphicator that reveal how different types of rock forms over time 
  • cool magma to make granite 
  • cook a rock to create a new one 
  • examine a rock cycle diorama 
  • watch a mineral grow 
  • look inside a smartphone to see the minerals used in its manufacturing process 
  • discover the stars of the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame 
  • manipulate a 1.8 metre-high animated globe 
  • explore a limestone cave with stalactites, stalagmites, and trickling water.

And, of course, the gorgeous, colourful specimens from our world-class collection steal the spotlight, with even more rocks and minerals to behold than before!

Michael Bainbridge © Michael Bainbridge


See a real moon rock collected by the Apollo 17 space mission in 1972—the last time that humans set foot on the moon!

Named the Goodwill Moon Rock, it is one of about 135 such specimens that were presented to countries around the world by the United States.

Michael Bainbridge © Michael Bainbridge


Regular microcline is used with other minerals to make porcelain. This variety of microline, amazonite, is used mainly as a decorative polished stone. Catalogue: CMNMC 37537.

Michael Bainbridge © Michael Bainbridge


Of all the tourmalines, elbaite is the one most commonly used as a gemstone. Because it is a bit softer than many conventional gemstones, it isn't as popular as some, such as emerald or ruby. This specimen comprises a variety of elbaite called verdelite (green), and quartz (white). Catalogue: CMNMC 40992.


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