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Canada Goose Arctic Gallery
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Canada Goose Arctic Gallery

Discover the Arctic through

  • authentic specimens and artefacts
  • stunning multimedia
  • indigenous perspectives
  • fun interactive games
  • guided learning, activities and more.

Learn about Arctic geography, ecosystems and sustainability, as well as the impacts of climate change.

Beyond Ice

Multimedia Experience

A collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada that harnesses the power of real ice to create a window into the Arctic, a land like no other.

Belugas and Inuvialuit: Our Survival Together

In the Northern Voices Gallery learn about beluga whales and their relationship with the Inuit people of the Western Arctic, the Inuvialuit.

Experience the Arctic... at the museum!

A polar bear (Ursus maritimus) hunts a ringed seal (Pusa hispida) as a polar bear cub sits beside.

Come face to face with some of the Arctic's impressive wildlife. The gallery features a powerful polar bear, a colony of Thick-billed Murres and much more. Roie Galitz © Roie Galitz

A man looks through a magnifying glass at an Arctic flower nodding catchfly (Silene uralensis).

At the museum, both scientific research and collections have a strong focus on the Arctic. The gallery displays much of this fantastic research. Roger Bull © Canadian Museum of Nature

A plane flies over the Arctic tundra.

The Arctic comprises 40% of Canada's land mass. A large, 3D, circumpolar map puts the geography of the Arctic into perspective and explains the many definitions of Arctic. Martin Lipman © Canadian Museum of Nature

Orange pieces of Arctic Char dry on the side of a white building.

Living off the land means more than survival: it is a source of community and cultural identity. In the gallery, learn about food security and sustainability with fun multimedia games. Roger Bull © Canadian Museum of Nature

The northern lights shine green over the sea and ice.

The unprecedented rate of warming in the Arctic has serious consequences for humans and animals alike. Learn about the importance of the cold and how climate change is affecting the Arctic. © Incredible Arctic/

A Window into the Arctic

Catch a glimpse of life in the North: browse current photos on social media by the people who live and travel in the Canadian Arctic.


A view from a helicopter flying over a fjord.

Extraordinary Arctic

Check out this view on Arctic-related activities, events, research, etc. at the museum.

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