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Experience the Museum Online

3D 360° Self-Guided Tour

Take yourself on a virtual tour of the museum through this 3D model with 360-degree views of the interior.

You control where you go—move through the building in any direction (forward, backward, up, down, sideways). Get close to specimens and artifacts.

At the points that we've marked, learn interesting insights and details about our treasures.

The 3D virtual museum is created from more than 80 000 images using a 360-degree camera.


  • Move through the building by using your cursor or the arrow keys on your keyboard
  • Click on the green circles for interesting tidbits
  • To see a floor plan, click on the icons on the lower left.

Hosted Virtual Visits

Video Series
Amazing exhibitions, insights and history, all revealed as staff members take you through different galleries in this video series on our YouTube channel.

At the Museum

Life-sized models of the dinosaur Vagaceratops irvinensis surround visitors in our fossil gallery.

Self-Guided Tour: 自由行参观 (In Mandarin)

Download the PDF.

A museum employee in front of the Victoria Memorial Museum Building.

Virtual Visits to the Museum

Video Experience

Dinosaurs, exhibitions, history, insights and fun facts all revealed in a series of virtual tours! See all the galleries!

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