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Snowflake Extravaganza

Let It Snow!

Bring the magic of snowflakes into your home. Make your own digital snowflake, or create a paper one. Find out why no two snowflakes are the same in our Science Moment.


Text: Image: A virtual snowflake.

Make a Virtual Snowflake

Design your own snowflake, see it in a snowfall, then share it with us on social media!

Illustration of a paper snowflake and scissors.

Make Paper Snowflakes

Fold and cut paper into a pretty decorative snowflake! Download the instruction sheet (PDF).

An enlarged snowflake.

The Science behind Snowflakes

Science Moment Video

Find out why no two snowflakes are the same! Mineralogist Aaron Lussier shares his knowledge of snow and ice in this Science Moment video. (3 min. 5 sec.).

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