All Visitors Need Tickets

Get Them in Advance
Tickets are required for general admission and Planet Ice, even when the tickets are free and/or for members. Get tickets now.

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Borrow a Pass

Martin Lipman © Canadian Museum of Nature


Anyone with a library card for participating libraries in the region may borrow a Nature Card from the libraries listed below.

The Nature Card is good for free general admission for up to five people (maximum three adults).

How to Use the Nature Card

In order to use a Nature Card, you must request your tickets from us at least 24 hours in advance of your desired visit:

Provide the following information with your request for tickets:

  • Your name (given/first and family/last names)
  • The card ID (located on the back of the card, on the top left)
  • The date of your desired visit
  • The time of your desired visit
  • The number of adults, seniors, Tiny Tots, children and students who will visiting
  • Your email address.

Please allow 24 hours for your tickets to be reserved and sent to you by email.

A museum representative will confirm your reservation using the same method that you used (email or phone) to request the tickets.

Important Information

  • The Nature Card must be in your possession at the time of your request for tickets
  • The Nature Card must be presented upon your arrival at the museum
  • If you do not present the card upon your arrival at the museum, general-admission fees will apply to your visit.

Participating Libraries

Visit the websites of the following libraries, and then search for "Nature Card" in the book catalogue.