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Planet Ice: Mysteries of the Ice Ages

May 20 – September 5

Step back in time and learn how ice and cold have shaped our world.

Closeup of an anemone and blue mussels in an aquarium. 

Pacific Discovery Tank

Live Sea Creatures

Explore the unique ecosystem of tide pools in our new aquarium.

Two leafcutter ants.

Bugs Alive

Live-Animal Exhibition

See amazing insects, arachnids, and millipedes up close in this live and engaging new exhibition!

A translucent jellyfish floating in water. 

Ocean Scavenger Hunt

At the Museum

Take part in our scavenger hunt and challenge yourself to find six specific ocean creatures on display in our galleries.

Text: Owls Rendez-Vous. Temporarily closed. Image: A Eurasian Eagle-Owl and a Great Horned Owl.

Owls Rendez-Vous

Temporary Closure

Owls Rendez-Vous is currently closed. Learn more.

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