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Assistive Technology for Accessing Web Sites

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The Canadian Museum of Nature has partnered with eSSENTIAL Accessibility to make the museum's web site more readily accessible to anyone who has difficulty typing, moving a mouse, or reading a web page.

The museum is doing this by providing access to an assistive-technology application that works like a web browser. The application will work with all web sites, not just ours.

The application features an array of keyboard- and mouse-replacement solutions (alternative input-methods including a webcam-based, hands-free movement tracking system) that allow users to overcome physical limitations in order to access web sites.

It also includes a web-page reader that can help individuals who have difficulty reading because of mild visual impairment, or literacy deficiencies such as limited English proficiency, dyslexia or similar learning issues.

The application is available free of charge. It can be rapidly downloaded and installed on your computer.

Get the Application

Download this application from the web site of eSSENTIAL Accessibility and find out more: