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  5. Beneath the Surface: X-Rays of Arctic Fish

Beneath the Surface: X-Rays of Arctic Fish

Noel Alfonso, Roger Bull © Canadian Museum of Nature


X-ray of a Boa Dragonfish (Stomias boa).

Beneath the Surface: X-Rays of Arctic Fish is a stunning exhibition, ready for your institution in digital format!

Dive into the world of ichthyology and learn about the anatomy and history of the fish that live in the cold waters of the Canadian Arctic.

Showcasing X-ray images of specimens from the museum's world-class collection of Arctic fish, Beneath the Surface gives visitors an up-close and inside look at the intricate bone structure of these mysterious vertebrates.


  • 16 high-resolution digital images
  • digital files for exhibition and label text panels
  • installation specifications

Space Requirements

  • 42 linear feet

Special Requirements

  • Adobe Creative Suite software, including InDesign


  • loan fee $3110
  • fee includes administration and graphic-image fees
  • loan period: 12 weeks or more


  • Contact us to find out when this exhibition is available

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Where to See It

To book this exhibition, or for more info:
• Tel: 613.566.4211
• Toll-free: 1.800.263.4433.

Previous Venues

  • La Baie, Quebec
  • May 8, 2018 – January 6, 2019

  • Musée du Fjord