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Planet Ice: Mysteries of the Ice Ages

Full-size Exhibition

Produced by the Canadian Museum of Nature, this world-premiere exhibition explores the power of ice and cold in shaping the world we live in today.

Journey across more than 80 000 years of Earth's history! Meet animals adapted for cold—some long extinct, others still alive today. Discover the lands lost long ago under the world's oceans.

We are still living in an ice age, but the planet is changing.

Through engaging exhibits, multimedia and some ''magical'' moments, explore some of these mysteries and reflect upon how humans are not only part of the problem, but also part of the solution.


  • more than 120 specimens and artefacts, including a full-sized cast of a mastodon, a sabre-toothed tiger and other megafauna species that are now extinct
  • digital and mechanical interactives
  • current scientific research and accessible interpretation
  • inspiring/inventive design—flexible modular configurations
  • engaging and relevant themes and content
  • surprising mysteries and thought-provoking questions
  • curriculum-linked activities for schools and the general public

Space Requirements

  • exhibition: 697 square metres (7500 sq. ft.)
  • the size of the exhibition can be reduced or expanded
  • ceiling height: 3.7 m – 4.3 m (12 ft. – 14 ft.)
  • storage for 100 shipping crates and blankets; 30 specimen crates require climate-controlled storage
  • the exhibition travels in six 53 ft. trailers

Special Requirements

  • regular condition checks of display elements and specimens will be required
  • special lighting, environmental, and security conditions will be required for certain specimens
  • some special permits may apply
  • approximately 20 days are needed for set-up and seven days to take it down
  • climate-controlled storage is required for 30 specimen crates


  • loan fee starts at CAD $266 450 (including insurance)
  • shipping costs are extra
  • costs for technical staff (for installation and dismantling) and one conservator are extra
  • loan period: three months or more


  • contact us to find out when this exhibition is available

Contact Us

Angeline Laffin

Where to See It

  • Toronto, Ontario
  • August 28, 2021 – March 2022

  • Ontario Science Centre


Where to See It

To book this exhibition, or for more info:
• Tel: 613.566.4211
• Toll-free: 1.800.263.4433.