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The elegantly curved, two-storey rotunda (apse) is located on the first floor of the museum, and this stunning room will enchant you and your guests at first sight.

A mezzanine adds to the allure of this beautiful venue.

The rotunda also serves as an exhibition gallery, and at times the walls are adorned by beautiful photographs.

The rotunda is the ideal venue for a stand-up reception, meeting, sit-down dinner or ceremony.

Rent it in conjunction with the plaza and ask about our packages.


  • wedding ceremony: 150
  • reception (stand-up): 200
  • banquet (round tables): 100
  • wedding banquet (round tables): 80
  • theatre: 150

Capacities listed above are maximums and do not take into account additional set-up requirements such as head tables, dance floors and audio-visual equipment.


  • main floor: 323 square metres (3,479 square feet)
  • mezzanine: 146 square metres (1,575 square feet)

Special Features

  • two 26 cm × 46 cm (65″ × 116″) screens (additional fees apply)
  • two 4000 lumens projectors (additional fees apply)
  • Wi-Fi Internet access

Rental Rate

From $2200

We offer discounts to not-for-profit and charitable organizations and to government departments.

Prices subject to change without notice.


Outside of regular museum hours

More Information
Facility Rentals

A wedding-ceremony set-up.

A wedding-ceremony set-up with a king’s table.

A wedding set-up.

A wedding set-up with wooden chairs (Kuadra).

A daytime-meeting set-up with round tables.

A corporate-meeting set-up with black linens.

A theatre-style set-up.

A theatre-style set-up.

A wedding set-up with a view of the mezzanine.

A wedding set-up with a combination of round tables and long rows, showing a view of the mezzanine.

A set-up with cocktail tables.

A set-up for a stand-up cocktail.

A set-up with round tables.

A set-up with round tables of eight and beautiful spring colours.