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Take a virtual school trip to the Museum

OTTAWA, April 13, 2021 – Despite the pandemic’s stay-at-home restrictions, teachers and students can access several of the Canadian Museum of Nature’s galleries—along with engaging educational content—thanks to a new partnership between the museum and GHM Academy (GHM).

Now, teachers and students can tour the museum’s Fossil Gallery, Mammal Gallery, Water Gallery, and Canada Goose Arctic Gallery using amazing 3D 360-degree technology. Complementing these tours are exhibit texts, videos, science blog posts and links to the museum’s online Natural History Notebooks. The museum’s tours and content on this site are available for free, and there is no cost to sign up for a GHM Academy account.  

“Discovering the Canadian Museum of Nature gallery by gallery is a great way to learn about Canada’s flora, fauna and environmental change over time,” says John Swettenham, Vice-President of Marketing and Public Affairs, Canadian Museum of Nature.  “GHM Academy has taken the leap in innovation to seamlessly integrate our 360o tour technology. Now you can explore our museum from anywhere in the world, zoom in on exhibits, read blogs about our collections and scientific research—all in one convenient and unique educational tour!” 

Teachers can create a “GHM Classroom” and share lessons with their students. The GHM Classroom provides the ability to assign lessons, manage classes in real-time, and track student progress. GHM can be used in traditional classroom settings, in virtual classes, for homeschooling, for tutorials and to help students with special needs.  For more information, visit ghmacademy.com.

Media contacts:

Laura Sutin
Media relations
Canadian Museum of Nature

John Swettenham
Vice-President, Marketing and Public Affairs
Canadian Museum of Nature