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2014 Award Winners

The Canadian Museum of Nature is proud to present the 2014 winners of the Nature Inspiration Awards' first edition.


Presented by TD Bank Group.
Alana Krug-Macleod, 17 years old (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

A young girl determined to fight against climate change.


Mylène Paquette (Montréal, Quebec)

She rowed solo across the Atlantic and her stories helped make the general public more aware of environmental issues and ocean health.

Not-for-Profit Organizations (Small and Medium)

Evergreen (Toronto, Ontario)

In some urban areas, children have little access to green spaces and outdoor activities. Evergreen offers these children, many from underprivileged neighbourhoods in Toronto, a day of activities in the Don River Valley to foster this essential connection with nature.

Not-for-Profit Organizations (Large)

Earth Rangers (Woodbridge, Ontario)

Earth Rangers educates children about animals and provides concrete tools to act in their favour.


Cascades (Kingsey Falls, Québec)

The Lemaire family created Cascades 50 years ago based on a totally avant-garde vision: sell paper made from recycled materials.

Finalists 2014

Seventeen finalists were selected for the Nature Inspiration Awards.
About the finalists.

Brochure 2014 (1 Mb PDF).

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