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The Centre for Arctic Knowledge and Exploration Postdoctoral Fellowship

Competition Closed until June 2022

Applications are not being accepted at this time.

The Canadian Museum of Nature is Canada's national natural-history and natural-sciences museum with a long, respected history of collection development and research related to biological, palaeobiological and mineral diversity in Canada.

The museum has over 100 years of experience in applying its scientific expertise to Arctic exploration and is using that strong base of knowledge to transform people's understanding of the Arctic and its importance to Canada in a global context.

Fellowship Description

The Centre for Arctic Knowledge and Exploration Postdoctoral Fellowship addresses issues related to Arctic biological, palaeobiological, or mineral diversity.

The two-year award is for a recent doctoral graduate.

Applicants must propose research in one of the disciplines of study at the Canadian Museum of Nature: botany, mineralogy, palaeobiology, or zoology. Proposed research is expected to be collections-based, and may involve field work. The candidate will work closely with one or more museum researchers in their area of expertise.

Applicants should contact the museum's science experts to identify a potential advisor and determine the feasibility of the proposed research being conducted at the Canadian Museum of Nature.


The successful candidate will be based at the Canadian Museum of Nature's research and collections facility, in Gatineau, Quebec.

There, they will have the opportunity to use the collections and laboratory facilities, which include a wide range of light-microscope equipment, an electron microscope, a molecular biology laboratory, a photographic studio and a library. These facilities at our Natural Heritage Campus are designed to support projects in taxonomy, systematics, evolution and ecology.

For mineralogical research, an electron microprobe facility at the Advanced Research Complex at the University of Ottawa is available, through a partnership between the museum and the university.

Public Engagement

The candidate will be expected to make their research accessible to the public through such means as oral presentations, the use of popular social media, and media interviews.

Program Development

As part of this position, the candidate will be an active member of The Centre for Arctic Knowledge and Exploration. The candidate will be expected to contribute to the goals of the centre and may be asked to engage content developers, designers and other team members on Arctic issues that are appropriate to nature-literacy programming for the general public.


This unique opportunity will provide a valuable research experience that will be compensated at a rate of $45 000 per year, renewable for one year, with up to $5000 per year available to support the research program.

Candidate Requirements

  • Completion of all doctoral requirements, in a field related to the proposed research, prior to start date and no earlier than five years prior to the application deadline
  • Experience conducting research and publishing research in peer-reviewed journals.

Candidate Assets

  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate science to the public
  • Experience working with museum specimens
  • Ability to communicate in both official languages.

How to Apply

Applications must include the following:

  • A description of the research question(s), methodology, relevance of the work to the broader discipline and to Canada, and a basic budget (maximum 2000 words)
  • An explanation of why the research should be conducted at the Canadian Museum of Nature, and of how museum collections and laboratories will be utilized (maximum 300 words)
  • Identification of a research-and-collections staff member at the museum who has agreed to serve as principal advisor and host
  • A curriculum vitae
  • Contact information for three references.

Application Deadline

Applications are not being accepted at this time.

The position is advertised every two years.

The competition will open again in June 2022.

Contact Us

Amanda Savoie, Ph.D.
Director, The Centre for Arctic Knowledge and Exploration
Canadian Museum of Nature
P.O. Box 3443, Station D
Ottawa, ON K1P 6P4

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