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Sila: Clue in to Climate Change.
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Sila: Clue in to Climate Change.
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1) The symbol for water. 1) The symbol for earth. 1) The symbol for fire. 1) The symbol for air.

"Sila (the weather) has changed alright. It is a really late fall time now, and a really fast and early springtime. Long ago the summer was short, but not anymore."
   - Sarah Kuptana, Sachs Harbour, Northwest Territories
2) Photo of a caribou.
"Ice and snow and sub-zero temperatures have long been features of the northern landscape, but so too have steaming swamps, giant redwoods, and cypress groves."
   - Barrie Maxwell, weather scientist

Sila: Inuktitut word meaning climate and all things that surround us.

Imagine a universe that never changed. Boring! From fleas to galaxies, everything always changes. Our climate is no exception.

We invite you to explore a place where climate is changing faster than anywhere else on earth: the Arctic.

What's up with climate change in the Arctic? What does it mean for northern people, plants and animals? Where else in the world are similar changes happening? What can we do about it? Step right up and discover how climate change at the top of the world is everyone's business, no matter where you live.

The Arctic is a simple, striking land filled with constant change for those who know where to look. Here you can clearly see the four basic elements that support all life - earth, air, fire, and water. Climate controls how these elements are glued together to create polar bears, icebergs, forest fires and all else that makes the Arctic a very special place. As climate changes, some of this glue is becoming unstuck in ways that local people and scientists are just beginning to understand.

Image Sources:

  1. Carla Ayukawa
  2. Chris O'Brien

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