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Downloadable Documents

Would you like to know more about the Rideau River Biodiversity Project or about certain species found in the River? Take a look through this list of documents you can download.

You must have Adobe Reader (version 5 or greater) in order to access these PDF-format files. You can download this software from the Adobe Web site.

Johnson, Martha C., M. Poulin and M. Graham (2003). "Towards an Integrated Approach to the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity: Lessons Learned from the Rideau River Biodiversity Project". Human Ecology Review 10(1): 40-55.
Download the text of this article: 708 Kb PDF.

Poulin, Michel, et al. (2001). A Multidisciplinary, Community-based Study of the Environmental Health of the Rideau River: Final Report. Ottawa: Canadian Museum of Nature.
Download the complete version of this document: 595 Kb PDF.
Download the simplified version, without photographs, of this document: 112 Kb PDF.

Phelps, A., C.B. Renaud and F. Chapleau (2000). "First Record of a Freshwater Drum, Aplodinotus grunniens, in the Rideau River, Ottawa, Ontario". Canadian Field-Naturalist 114(1): 121-125.
Download the text of this article: 94 Kb PDF.

A piranha.

Phelps, Anne, F. Chapleau and C.B. Renaud. (2000). "The Tadpole Madtom, Noturus gyrinus, a Rarely Seen Fish of the Rideau River System, Ontario". Trail and Landscape 34(1): 30-34.
Download the text of this article: 66 Kb PDF.



Two people from the Project at work in a boat on the Rideau River.
A Project team at work, taking a geographical position reading on the Rideau River.

Leaves of fragrant white water lily, Nymphaea odorata.
Leaves of fragrant white water lily, Nymphaea odorata.


A Project of the Canadian Museum of Nature
 Images: Corel, Ed Hendrycks