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Aquatic Plants


Species List

The following species of aquatic plants were found during the Rideau River Biodiversity Project. The plants are sorted by category: emergent plants, floating plants, etc.

Scientific Name Common Name SF to BR* BR to LI* LI to HB* HB to RF*
Flowering plants: submerged          
Ceratophyllum demersum coontail
Elodea canadensis common waterweed
Megalodonta beckii water marigold      
Myriophyllum verticillatum bracted water milfoil       
Myriophyllum sibiricum northern water milfoil
Myriophyllum spicatum ** Eurasian water milfoil
Najas flexilis slender water nymph
Potamogeton amplifolius large-leaved pondweed       
Potamogeton crispus ** curly pondweed
Potamogeton epihydrus ribbon-leaved pondweed     
Potamogeton foliosus leafy pondweed    
Potamogeton friesii Fries' pondweed       
Potamogeton illinoensis Illinois pondweed      
Potamogeton natans floating-leaved pondweed      
Potamogeton nodosus knotted pondweed    
Potamogeton pectinatus sago pondweed
Potamogeton pusillus slender pondweed     
Potamogeton richardsonii Richardson's pondweed
Potamogeton robbinsii Robbins' pondweed       
Potamogeton zosteriformis flat-stemmed pondweed
Ranunculus aquatilis white water-crowfoot    
Utricularia vulgaris common bladderwort
Vallisneria americana tape grass
Zannichellia palustris horned pondweed       
Zosterella dubia water star-grass
Flowering plants: floating          
Hydrocharis morsus-ranae ** European frogbit
Lemna minor lesser duckweed
Lemna trisulca star duckweed
Nuphar microphylla small yellow pond lily       
Nuphar variegata yellow pond lily
Nymphaea odorata fragrant white water lily
Spirodela polyrhiza greater duckweed
Wolffia columbiana Columbia watermeal
Wolffia borealis dotted watermeal
Flowering plants: emergent          
Alisma gramineum northern water plantain       
Butomus umbellatus ** flowering rush
Polygonum amphibium water smartweed      
Pontederia cordata pickerelweed     
Sagittaria cuneata floating arrowhead      
Sagittaria latifolia broad-leaved arrowhead
Sagittaria rigida stiff arrowhead    
Scirpus fluviatilis river bulrush    
Scirpus pungens threesquare bulrush      
Scirpus tabenaemontani soft-stem bulrush  
Sparganium chlorocarpum green-fruited bur-reed      
Sparganium eurycarpum large-fruited bur-reed   
Zizania palustris wild rice     
Azolla caroliniana Willd ** eastern mosquito-fern      
Equisetum fluviatile water horsetail      
Drepanocladus exannulatus curved branch moss       
Fontinalis hypnoides water moss      


 Aquatic Plants  
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*SF to BR: from Smiths Falls to Burritts Rapids

*BR to LI: from Burritts Rapids to Long Island

*LI to HB: from Long Island to Hogs Back

*HB to RF: from Hogs Back to the Rideau Falls

(View a map of the River).

**Exotic Species.

A Project of the Canadian Museum of Nature