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Native Freshwater Mussels


Species List

The following species of native freshwater mussels were observed in the Rideau River during the Rideau River Biodiversity Project. The section of the River in which each species was found is indicated.

Scientific Name Common Name SF to BR* BR to LI* LI to HB* HB to RF*
Elliptio complanata eastern elliptio
Lampsilis radiata eastern lampmussel
Lampsilis ovata pocketbook        
Pyganodon sp. floater      
Lasmigona costata fluted shell     
Ligumia recta black sandshell
Alasmidonta marginata elktoe       
Strophitus undulatus squaw foot       
Lasmigona compressa **          

*SF to BR from Smiths Falls to Burritts Rapids

*BR to LI from Burritts Rapids to Long Island

*LI to HB from Long Island to Hogs Back

*HB to RF from Hogs Back to the Rideau Falls

(View a map of the River).

**Species observed only in tributaries of the Rideau River.


 Native Mussels
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