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Text: "Puijila" in Inuktitut. Puijila: A Prehistoric Walking Seal. Photo collage: Scheuchzer's cotton-grass (Eriophorum scheuchzeri), the research team at work in the field, a reconstruction of the Puijila darwini fossil, an ejector block in the Haughton Crater, two palaeontologists shaking a dry screen.
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Text: "Inuktitut" in Inuktitut syllabics.
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Image 1) Puijila darwini fossil, collection number NUFV405.

Puijila darwini, in fossil form.

The evolutionary story of seals is rewritten by a new fossil from Canada's High Arctic.

This prehistoric animal represents a "missing link"—a branch on an evolutionary tree—between an ancestor that walked on land and today's sea-going seals and their relatives.

The findings are an important scientific breakthrough—and the fossil's discovery is a tale of luck and adventure.

So, dive in and meet the "walking seal" Puijila darwini!

Overview Video

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News & Events Highlights

An illustration depicting the animal Puijila darwini swimming.

Puijila darwini may have looked like this.

  • 3D animation: Highlights the terrestrial and semi-aquatic characteristics of the animal. (New in June 2011). Watch it now.



Natalia Rybczynski working in a prone position on the ground.