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Text: Diving In. Photo: Cross-section view of a bubbly wave...







Learn more here—the answers to these questions
are full of surprising facts about water and what
lives in it!

Number 1.Why can't I eat the fish I catch in some
rivers and lakes?

Number 2.Why do salmon turn red when they

Number 3.What happens when a whale

Number 4.Where does the garbage that washes
up on the beach come from?

Number 5.Is it true that Canada has more wetlands
than any other country?

Number 6.Do shorebirds really eat

Number 7.Is seaweed a

Number 8.How can I help protect our water

Number 9.Do deep-sea fish explode
when they are brought to the surface?

Number 10.Why is the ocean salty
and rivers are not?



Diving In was developed by the Canadian Museum of Nature and Parks Canada to complement Canada's Waterscapes, our travelling exhibition about aquatic ecosystems.

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Canada's Waterscapes was produced by the Canadian Museum of Nature in partnership with Parks Canada, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), RBC Foundation and Canadian Water Network, with the support of Canadian Geographic.

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Images: Canadian Museum of Nature, Brian Coad, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, Parks Canada
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