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Lesson: Invasive Species

Kyle T. Ramirez © Kyle T. Ramirez (CC BY 3.0)


Asian long-horned beetles are an invasive species in North America.

Recommended for

  • grades 7 to 10
  • secondary cycles 1 and 2.

After completing this lesson, students will be able to explain what an invasive species is and the impacts it can have on the environment.


  • Students are introduced to the topic of invasive species and presented with several Canadian examples.
  • Using this theme, students will explore the difference between open and closed questions.
  • Students will research and write a report based on an open question about invasive species.
  • Students will present their work in class.

Curriculum Links

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Student Worksheet

3D Animation
Invasive Species and Exponential Population Growth

The Invaders (Invasive Species)

PowerPoint Presentation
Invasive Species: Asking Questions

T chart (PDF)


Familiarize yourself with the content and resources of the lesson plan.
If the students will do their work at school, make sure that the school's computers can access all the online resources.
If you want, print the resources for your students.


The student worksheet contains the instructions for the activity.

Most of this activity can be done by students on their own, as long as they have an Internet connection and Windows Media Player or QuickTime software (to play the video and animation).

You may wish to approve the question that students select for their written report.

You may also wish to modify the instructions relating to length and requirements of the written report and oral presentation.

You can also modify the activity so that you can do it with your students in the classroom, as long as you have access to a computer connected to the Internet and a projector, as well as the software to play the videos.


There is an answer sheet for use by the teacher.
Access the answer sheet.


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