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Amazing Anatomy: Digestion

Workshop at the Museum

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Spotted Owl, Strix occidentalis.

Recommended for
Ontario: grade 5
Quebec: elementary cycle 3.

Amazing Anatomy is a hands-on, inquiry-based exploration of mammalian anatomy and what it reveals about the way mammals have adapted to their habitats.

Students examine dentition, and digestive systems to make links between these physical adaptations and their place in the food web.

Students learn about the principles of digestion and the conversion of food to energy. Students will dissect a real owl pellet.

Duration: 50 minutes.

Curriculum links (link goes to the bottom of the page).


  • October 2, 2018 – June 13, 2019
  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
  • Workshop starting time: 9:45 am, 11 am, 12:15 pm.


  • $1 per student, in addition to museum admission (admission: $8.50)
  • Tax is not included
  • See if your class qualifies for Nature Express, our financial-aid programme.

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Curriculum Links—Ontario

Grade 5

Science and Technology

Understanding Life Systems: Human Organ Systems

Understanding Basic Concepts

  • Identify major systems in the human body and describe their roles and interrelationships.
  • Describe the basic structure and function of major organs in the digestive system.

Curriculum Links—Quebec

Elementary Cycle 3

Mathematics, Science and Technology

Competency 1: To propose explanations for or solutions to scientific or technological problems

Essential Knowledges / Living Things / Matter

  • Metabolism of plants and animals, Anatomy of animals.

Essential Knowledges / Living Things / Systems and Interaction

  • Interaction between living organisms and their environment.

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