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Robert Anderson.

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Twitter: @theognete

Robert (Bob) Anderson discovers, names and classifies weevils, a prolific and diverse group of beetles.


  • Systematics, phylogeny and biology of Curculionoidea with a special emphasis on New World taxa.
  • Biodiversity and conservation of insects.


  • Ph.D., Entomology, University of Alberta, 1986.
  • M.Sc., Biology, Carleton University, 1981.
  • B.Sc., University of Toronto, 1979.


Robert (Bob) Anderson discovers, names and classifies weevils (Curculionidae), a prolific and diverse family of beetles. As someone who has discovered and named over 250 new species of weevils and counting (including one named after the entomologist Carl Atwood, father of noted Canadian author Margaret Atwood, one after Jose Bautista, a major league baseball player for the Toronto Blue Jays, and country singer Kevin Fowler). He is a recognized expert on North, Central and South American weevil diversity. The leaf litter that carpets the floors of tropical forests (particularly forests at higher elevations in the mountains) is especially rich in weevils, which feed on the fallen plant material and play a key role in recycling nutrients back into the food chain. Anderson has studied this poorly known ecosystem in great detail in order to identify and classify the many new weevil species that live there.

Over his 30-year career as a coleopterist (as of 2020), Anderson has published over 150 research papers and articles on beetles in the scientific literature. He currently serves as the Secretary of The Coleopterists Society, has been President of The Coleopterists Society, Director of the museum's Beaty Centre for Species Discovery, and has served as Adjunct Professor at McGill University, as Research Associate of the American Museum of Natural History and the University of Kansas, and as an international taxonomic advisor to INBio, the national biodiversity institute of Costa Rica.

Main Research Project

Professional Services

  • Identification of Curculionoidea.


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