Senior Research Assistant, Mineralogy

Ralph Rowe.

Contact Information

Tel: 613.566.4287
Fax: 613.364.4027

Ralph runs the X-ray facility and works with the mineralogy team in describing minerals.


  • Providing cell refinement for new mineral species using X-ray diffraction.
  • Mont St-Hilaire mineralogy.
  • Mineral hunting in New-Brunswick.


  • B.Sc., Geology, University of Ottawa, 2003.


Ralph Rowe has formal training in geology from the University of Ottawa. Since then, he has become an integral part of the mineralogy team at the museum, where he is the go-to person for X-ray diffraction of mineral crystals. His skills are essential in the scientific process for identifing minerals, including preparing and handling tiny samples that balance on the tip of a pin (as small as 100 microns).

Ralph works with team members at the museum and with external clients. Part of his job includes discovery of new minerals, but also carefully cataloguing what is already in the collections.

Professional Services

  • Ongoing collaboration with the New State Museum and the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Belgium.
  • New mineral abstract author for the American Mineralogist.

Links – The Mineral and Locality Database

Mineralogy Database


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Mees, F., Hatert, F., Rowe, R. (2008). Omongwaite, Na2Ca5(SO4)6.3H2O, a new mineral from recent salt lake deposits, Namibia. Mineralogical Magazine 72: 1307-1318.

Chamberlain, S.C., Lupulescu, M. and Rowe, R. (2008). Discovery of fluorine-dominant dravite, near Gouverneur, St. Lawrence County, New York. Rock and Minerals 83: 320-326.

Grice, J.D. Rowe, R., Poirier, G. and Wright, Q. (2008). Tundrite-(Ce) from Mont St-Hilaire, Quebec: New data and corrections to the species description. The Canadian Mineralogist 46: 413-422.

Grice, J.D., Gault, R.A., Rowe, R. and Johnsen, O. (2006). Qaqarssukite-(Ce), a new barium-cerium fluorcarbonate mineral species from Qaqarssuk, Greenland. The Canadian Mineralogist 44: 1137-1146.