Research Scientist and Section Head, Palaeobiology

Kathy Stewart.

Contact Information

Tel: 613.364.4051
Fax: 613.364.4027

Kathlyn Stewart collects and studies fossils of fish, bird and mammal bones from across Canada and Eastern Africa to better understand what life was like for these long-dead animals.


  • Evolution, distribution and environment of Neogene aquatic faunas in Africa.
  • Reconstruction of Holocene faunas and environments in Canada.
  • Hominin evolution, behaviour and subsistence patterns.


  • Ph.D., University of Toronto (Archaeology/Palaeontology), 1989.


Kathlyn Stewart collects and studies fossils of fish, bird and mammal bones from across Canada and Eastern Africa to better understand what life was like for these long-dead animals and what evolutionary forces shaped their existence. Her research provides insight into the environment of these creatures, including their interactions with humans.

Over the course of her 30 years as a palaeobiologist, Kathlyn has named 10 species of fossil fish, joined several fossil expeditions to eastern Africa, authored and edited numerous scientific papers and books, founded Canadian Zooarchaeology, which she continues to co-edit in addition to the journal Syllogeus, and held adjunct professorships at the Universities of Victoria, Toronto and Trent. She joined the Canadian Museum of Nature in 1991.

Main Research Projects

Professional Services

  • Adjunct Professor, University of Victoria
  • Founder and Co-Editor, Canadian Zooarchaeology.
  • Zooarchaeological identification (identification and/or analysis of subfossil or fossil bones by contract).


Canadian Zooarchaeology


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