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Flora of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago

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Past Research Project

Michelle LeBlanc © Canadian Museum of Nature


Data and illustrations for almost 350 taxa of vascular plants in the Arctic Archipelago of Canada are provided in the Flora of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

The flora is accessible online. Enter the flora.

The Interactive Key can be used for identifications.

The information recorded includes

  • place of valid publication
  • synonymy (usually limited to names that have been associated with the Canadian Arctic)
  • common names, including many French and Inuktitut names
  • vegetative and floral morphological characters (many more than present floras of the area)
  • distribution (often including information about the northernmost record of the taxon)
  • habitat.

There are notes on ecology, indigenous knowledge, economic uses and other miscellaneous information.

The data are illustrated with

  • a map for each taxon
  • colour photographs and line drawings of the taxa
  • colour photographs and line drawings of their habitats
  • colour photographs and line drawings of characters useful for identification.

Region Covered by This Flora

Michelle Leblanc, Laurie Consaul © Canadian Museum of Nature


The geographical scope of this study includes

  • the islands of the Northwest Territories east of 127°W
  • the islands of Nunavut north of 60°N in northern Hudson Bay (including Southampton Island, White Island, Caribou Island, Coats Island, Bencas Island, Digges Island, Mansel Island)
  • Akpatok Island in Ungava Bay.


The flora was published in December 2007. Updates are provided in the Errata.