Past Research Project

Ole Johnsen © Ole Johnsen


Stilbite is a zeolite. This group of minerals had many industrial uses in gasoline production and environmental clean-up absorbents.

A portion of this work focuses on carbonates, a chemical class of 200 mineral species that represents 99.75% of all available carbon on Earth. This research discovers new carbonate crystal structures, the development of a structural classification and the application of those findings to develop models of how the minerals are formed—in nature and in the laboratory. The other portion of this work involves zeolites, a mineral group with crystal structures that have unique physical and chemical properties. Zeolites act as filters, catalysts and absorbers with wide applications in industry, agriculture and in environmental rehabilitation. This research discovers the nature and distribution of sedimentary zeolites in southern British Columbia, and explores the properties of different zeolite structures.

Principal investigator: Joel Grice.