Past Research Project

Michel Poulin © Michel Poulin


Michel Poulin at a sampling site for micro-algae on the sea ice near Resolute Bay, May 2013.

Part of this program is our involvement in the second phase of ArcticNet, a Network of Centres of Excellence of Canada bringing together polar scientists and northern communities, to study the impact of climate change in the coastal Canadian Arctic. The Canadian Museum of Nature has an active role studying the biodiversity of phytoplankton (marine algae) and sea-ice microalgae in the context of marine productivity of pelagic and sea-ice environments. The main goals for the second phase are to enhance the understanding of the physical and biological processes that sustain planktonic productivity at hotspots, the ecosystem services they perform, and their susceptibility to climate change.

The other part of this program is documenting and illustrating the biodiversity of these marine single-celled algae and other protists that live in coastal waters of the Arctic as well as those colonizing the bottom layers of sea ice. The museum contributes its expertise in the analysis of phytoplankton and sea-ice algae to understand the impacts of climate variability and change on primary productivity of Arctic regions.

Principal investigator: Michel Poulin.

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