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Nature after 5

Pop by the museum after 5 pm on Thursdays and enjoy free admission to our permanent galleries. (An admission fee applies for most special exhibitions and activities).

Say hello to your favourite dinosaurs, mammals, birds and more. Relax in our theatre and enjoy an awe-inspiring nature movie.

Canada's natural history is yours to discover. Make the Canadian Museum of Nature a regular part of your Thursday-night plans!

Pterosaur: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs.
Butterflies in Flight.
  • Butterflies in Flight
  • Exhibition – Special
  • Take a stroll among live butterflies!

  • Extended until October 14

Michael Benson’s Otherworlds: Visions of Our Solar System.
Exhibitions and Galleries.
  • Exhibitions and Galleries
  • Exhibition – Interactives
  • Discover mysteries of water and Earth, as well as the creatures that inhabit our planet now and in the past.
Volcanoes 3D.
  • Volcanoes 3D
  • The Fires of Creation
  • Movie – 3D
  • June 22 – December 15

Flying Monsters 3D.
The Wild Canadian Year.
Museum of the Moon.
Goodwill Moon Rock.
Jurassic Flight.
  • Jurassic Flight
  • VR Ride: Be a Flying Pterosaur
  • Activity – Virtual-reality ride
  • May 7 – September 2

Pterosaurs: Masters of Flight.
Awesome Arctic Birds.
Nature Trade.
  • Nature Trade
  • Activity – Hands on
  • Saturdays, Sundays, Thursday evenings