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Sea Monsters 3D

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  • Movie – 3D

Journey back in time to the Late Cretaceous Period when a vast inland sea divided North America in two. Through stunning computer-generated animation, meet an incredible cast of prehistoric characters that swam the most dangerous oceans in history. The story follows a young Dolichorhynchops as she encounters long-necked plesiosaurs, giant turtles, enormous predatory fish (Xiphactinus), fierce sharks, and the terrifying mosasaur, Tylosaurus.

Not recommended for children aged 3 and younger.

A National Geographic Entertainment production.

Duration: 20 minutes.


Prices below are in addition to museum admission:

  • Movie admission: $4
  • Tiny Tots (ages 0–2): Free
  • Members: $3
  • Group rate: $3 per person (minimum 15 persons per group)
  • Tax not included.

Symbol: Assistive listening systems.Assistive Listening Devices are available at our reception desk for visitors with hearing loss.


January 11 – March 29
Saturdays, Sundays
Friday, January 24
Friday, February 14
Monday, February 17

11:15 am
1:10 pm
3:40 pm

French: 1:50 pm

Screenings for groups may be scheduled during the week upon request: reservations@nature.ca.

Schedule subject to change without notice.