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Set Your Sights on the World!

Be awestruck by a huge planet Earth "floating" high in the museum's handsome atrium. Appearing in Canada for the first time, Gaia is one of the latest captivating sculptures by British artist Luke Jerram.

This massive artwork is seven metres in diameter and features high-resolution NASA imagery. Each centimetre of the sculpture describes 18 km of Earth's surface.

Fascinated with the concept of the overview effect—experienced by astronauts in space when they see Earth—Jerram aims to incite that awe and wonder when people look at Gaia.

The internally lit, mesmerizing artwork rotates at 0.25 revolutions per minute and appears to be floating in space.

"I hope visitors to Gaia get to see the Earth as if from space; an incredibly beautiful and precious place; an ecosystem we urgently need to look after—our only home," says Jerram.

The sculpture's name is inspired by Greek mythology in which the goddess Gaia is the personification of Earth.

Also on display is Luke Jerram's Museum of the Moon, a seven-metre-wide sculpture suspended in the Queens' Lantern—the glass tower above the entrance.