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Brain: The Inside Story
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Brain: The Inside Story

Special Exhibition

May 18 – September 3

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Drawing on 21st-century research and technology, this exhibition offers a new perspective and keen insight into our brain.

Learn about the complexity of this remarkable organ, how it has evolved and how you have the power to enhance your own brain.

Explore the brain's ability to rewire itself in response to experiencing, disability, or trauma.

Stimulate your senses through imaginative art, vivid brain-scan imaging, dynamic interactive elements and a range of programming for all ages!

Check out this slideshow to get a feel for the exhibition:

Sculpture of a brain.

Thirty-five times larger than life! This brain sculpture reveals the connective wiring between the inner and outer regions of the brain.

Neuron sculpture.

View magnificent artistic installations, like the one pictured. By artist Daniel Canogar, it evokes neuron development in a human fetus. Neurons form at an average pace of half a million a minute.

Group of youth around a table.

Dozens of challenging interactive exhibits await, like this Neuron Gesture Table. This high-tech table "turns" visitors' hands into neurons, mimicking a synapse in action.

Large projection of a woman’s face.

This larger-than-life projection displays a range of emotions—fear, rage, disgust, joy, sadness and surprise—and illustrates how humans use facial expressions to communicate feelings.

Green exhibition panels.

Examine the brain's development over a lifetime and see how an aging brain can be destroyed, but also how activity over time can boost your grey matter.

Get your neurons firing this summer!

Test your knowledge of different animal brains and their amazing sensing abilities in the fun interactive Brain Teaser: Animal Sensory Brain Game.

Head to the Take Care of Your Brain: Activity Zone, where you will learn all about how to keep your brain healthy with activities on mindfulness, exercise and nutrition!

Join us for our speaker series Talk Brain: Conversations on Brain Health to explore the science behind the brain.

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