Please allow two to three hours for a reasonably complete visit to the museum.

A museum staff member at the reception desk.


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View of the front doors.

Summer Hours

  • 9 am – 6 pm
  • Thursdays: 9 am – 8 pm

Note: Friday, August 24, the museum will close at 5 pm.

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Getting Here

240 McLeod Street, Ottawa, Ontario
At the corner of McLeod and Metcalfe.

On foot: About 20 minutes (1.4 km) directly south of Parliament Hill.

GPS coordinates: 45° 24.780'N, 75° 41.330'W.

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Life-sized models of the dinosaurs Daspletosaurus torosus and Vagaceratops irvinensis in our fossil gallery.

Our Exhibitions

Windows on the natural world:
Fossils, Arctic, Water, Earth, Mammals, Birds, Nature Live and Special Exhibitions.

Life-sized models of the dinosaur Vagaceratops irvinensis surround visitors in our fossil gallery.


  • 15 or more people
  • Tourism Professionals
  • School Visits

You will find all of the information on group visits here!

Nature Boutique

Shop at the Museum

Dinosaurs, fossils, minerals and more! Discover an exciting selection of souvenirs at the Nature Boutique.


  • From 9:30 am until the museum closes.