Illustration of a Cryolophosaurus dinosaur.

Dinosaur Summer

Ultimate Discovery!

Exhibitions, interesting science, 3D movies—it's all about dinosaurs and other cool fossils this summer. Come and see!

Giganotosaurus and T.rex

Nature Scoop

Who was the supreme dino? Jordan Mallon compares these two ferocious predators.

A dinosaur.

Walking with Dinosaurs

Prehistoric Planet 3D

Follow a courageous young dinosaur as it endeavours to survive.

Dinosaur head.

Ultimate Dinosaurs

Special Exhibition
Until September 5

Bigger, badder and unique. Meet the dinosaurs from Gondwana.

An artist's rendering of a corner of the museum grounds.

Landscapes of Canada Gardens

Experience Arctic tundra, boreal forest and prairie grasslands in a new garden at the museum.

A visitor looks at bird specimens on display.

A New Nest for Our Birds!

Refreshed Bird Gallery

The birds have migrated to the third floor! See them in their new and improved nesting spot.

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