Brain: The Inside Story.

Brain: The Inside Story

Until September 3

Explore the complexity of this remarkable organ through imaginative art, vivid brain-scan imaging and dynamic interactive exhibits for all ages.

Illustration: brain and graphics showing daily activities.

Take Care of Your Brain

Activity Zone

Come and learn about the brain—one of the most important organs in our body—through fun hands-on activities for children and parents.

Detail of Yellow Lady's-Slipper (Cypripedium parviflorum), by Ann Love. Watercolour and gouache.

Art of the Plant

Until October 14

Discover botanical art in the theme of native plants from across Canada.

Four women painting.

Drawing Workshops for Adults

An Artist's Nature Journal

Learn drawing basics using practical exercises to increase observational and sketching skills.

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  • Museum birds tell their tale

    Blog Post What can be learned from a bird’s nest from 1925? Or from a Bird of Paradise collected in the middle of the last century? Michel Gosselin shows us five specimens from the Museum’s bird collection that each tell a very special story.