A green tree python (Morelia viridis).


Special Exhibition
October 7, 2016 – April 8, 2017

Beautiful, deadly and alive! Get a new appreciation for these misunderstood creatures.

A bearded dragon (Pogona barbata) eating lettuce.

Reptiles Rock!

Oct. 8—Live animals

Discover the amazing adaptations of reptiles in this interactive presentation.

Logo: Nature Nocturne.

Nature Nocturne Is Back!

Sept. 30: Rock ’n Roll

It's the start of another season of fun times. Come party with the creatures of your planet.

A man, woman and two children look at insect specimens in a case on a table.

Open House: Our Collections

Gatineau—October 15

Discover the millions of specimens housed in our Gatineau campus, as well as the research activities that take place there.

Birds fly over a landscape.

Earthflight 3D

Fly with Migratory Birds!

Revolutionary aerial techniques and 3D photography offer a thrilling cinematographic experience.

An ultralight hangs in the lantern.

Ultralight of "Father Goose" at Museum

An Incredible Story

The ultralight aircraft in our lantern was flown by Bill Lishman to guide birds during migration. The movie Fly Away Home was inspired by his story.