A blue butterfly.

Butterflies in Flight

Special Exhibition

Extended until October 14, 2019!

Take a stroll among live butterflies!

Pterosaur graphic.

Pterosaur: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs

Special Exhibition

June 15 – September 2, 2019
Look up – if you dare. Experience this larger-than-life exhibit for yourself.

A woman wearing VR goggles.

Jurassic Flight

Immersive Birdly VR experience

Soar through the prehistoric skies, high above dinosaurs, and view the world from the perspective of a pterosaur.

A man and boy sit at a table and laugh.

Father's Day Brunch

Sunday, June 16

A delicious treat for Dad! Enjoyment and discover for the entire family!

Detail of the maquette for a steel sculpture of an iceberg, by Bill Lishman.

Nature Inspiration Awards

Call for Nominations

New deadline: May 27. The museum would like to recognize exceptional contributions to the building of a brighter, sustainable future.

Nature Nocturne logo.

Nature Nocturne: Flower Power

Friday, May 31

Explore galleries after hours, engage your curiosity with amazing themed activities and enjoy some great music and mingling.

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