A hand covered in dirt.

Me & My Microbes: The Zoo Inside You

Until March 29

Discover the amazing microbes that live on or in the human body.

A kombucha cocktail and tea leaves.

Nature Tastes

Thursday, February 13

Take your palate on a new adventure as you explore the fermented beverage, kombucha.

A hand covered in dirt.

Gut Talks: Conversations about the human microbiome

Thursday, February 6

Dr. Rayleme Reimer talks about diet and prebiotics.

Nature Nocturne logo.

Nature Nocturne: Bring the Flavour

Friday, January 31

Seize the night! Explore your nature. Don’t miss Ottawa’s most memorable night out.

Composite: A girl shines a flashlight on a dinosaur skull from her bed.

Nature Sleepovers for Families

Friday, February 21

Pack your PJs and flashlight and be ready for some wild discoveries! More information.

Collage: Illustrated silhouettes of champagne flutes, an owl, bedroom slippers, and a dinosaur skull on a background that shows a full moon.

Nature Sleepovers

For Adults

Saturday, Feb. 15: Sleep overnight in a gallery and have an experience like no other. More information.

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