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Our Web Sites about Nature

Naturally Fun

Expedition Arctic.

Expedition Arctic

Journey with museum experts and Students on Ice to uncover the amazing biodiversity of the Arctic—from plants to animals and even fossils. Produced with the Virtual Museum of Canada.

Games and Activities from Our Galleries.

Games and Activities from Our Galleries

Which animals would survive extinction? Do you know what a skunk is saying? Where would you rank among the wolves? Give our gallery interactives a go!

Diving In.

Diving In

What happens when a whale dies? Do shorebirds really eat mud? Discover surprising facts about water through a series of questions and answers.

3D Dinos!.

3D Dinos!

Step back 65 million years in time! Thanks to the magic of 3D, you can try Walking the Chasmosaur.

Sila: Clue in to Climate Change.

Sila: Clue in to Climate Change

Join Morgan and Ryan as they learn about climate change in the Canadian Arctic.

Our Amazing Treasures.

Our Amazing Treasures

Our scientists share their favourite animal, fossil, mineral and plant specimens.

Photographs from Nature.

Photographs from Nature

An Arctic fox stretching, Short-eared Owl hatchlings... Get a new look at nature with this collection of photographs.

Naturally Instructive

Natural History Notebooks.

Natural History Notebooks

The world's fauna at your fingertips! Find fascinating facts about more than 250 animal species in our beautifully illustrated notebooks.

Puijila: A Prehistoric Walking Seal.

Puijila: A Prehistoric Walking Seal

The evolutionary story of seals is rewritten by a new fossil found in the Canadian Arctic.

Native Plants Crossroads.

Native Plants Crossroads

Marvel at the beauty and diversity of Canada's native plants and participate in their conservation.

The Nature of the Rideau River.

The Nature of the Rideau River

Millions live, eat and reproduce in the Rideau River. What are they? Find out along with our scientists!

Ukaliq: The Arctic Hare.

Ukaliq: The Arctic Hare

The Arctic hare is of great importance to the people of the North. Learn more about its characteristics and behaviour.

Native Garden Plants.

Native Garden Plants

Add colour to your garden with beautiful native plants like Canada goldenrod, wild bergamot and fragrant white water lily.

Insects of Canada.

Insects of Canada

Canada is home to some 55 000 species of insects. Learn what they are, where they live and how they are adapted to our climate.