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Colour, Draw and Paint!

Detail from the caribou (Rangifer tarandus) colouring page.

Colouring Pages


Creative and relaxing—printable colouring pages for all ages, inspired by nature.

A section of the drawing sheet.

Pretend You Are a Botanist

Draw some of the cool plants that you think may grow near you, or in any place you'd like to go. Download the drawing sheet (PDF).

Pots of paint beside a flower painted on pavement.

Chalk-Paint Flowers

Recipes and Illustrations

Make your own sidewalk-chalk paint. Paint the flowers of the provinces and territories with the help of our templates. Get the instructions.

Text: Image: A virtual snowflake.

Make a Virtual Snowflake

Design your own snowflake, see it in a snowfall, then share it with us on social media!

A detail from an example of a finished painting.

Paint a Winter Wonderland

Snowflakes from Salt

Create your own painting of a winter snowfall using watercolour paint, paper and salt. Get the instructions.

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