See beautiful tropical butterflies in this virtual tour!

Enjoy Nature at Home

Fun and interesting things from the Canadian Museum of Nature that you can do to enjoy nature at home—or anywhere.

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Adults and a child with paper and pencils at a coffee table.


Enjoy Nature at Home

Draw and colour, challenge your vocabulary, make something entertaining or beautiful or useful—which of these widely varied activities will catch your interest?

A woman poses with cleaning products beside a life-sized model of Daspletosaurus torosus.

Our Video Channel

Behind-the-scenes stories, topical tidbits, science experts in conversation, in the field and in the lab—and more. Watch, enjoy, learn!

Several small mammals on bare ground.

The Museum's Blog

Science Experts

Our scientists do interesting work. Find out where they are and what they are discovering in our blog.

Two employees look at mounted birds in one of the museum's galleries.

Nature Scoop

Video Series

Everything nature! Discover fun facts and interesting stories from our museum experts.

A screen shot from 3D 360° Self-Guided Tour.

3D 360° Self-Guided Tour

Interesting Tidbits

Take yourself on a virtual tour of the museum through a stunning 3D model with 360-degree views of the interior.

Sugar maple (Acer saccharum).

The Maple Leaf

A Canadian Symbol

See maple specimens from the museum's collections and learn interesting facts.

Composite: Cornwallis Island poppy (Papaver cornwallisense) and an illustration of a sun-salutation stretching pose.

Stretching Out, Arctic-Plant Style!

Make like an Arctic plant: chill out and try these simple stretching poses.

Pots of paint beside a flower painted on pavement.

Chalk-Paint Flowers

Recipes and Illustrations

Make your own sidewalk-chalk paint. Paint the flowers of the provinces and territories with the help of our templates. Get the instructions.

Ice cream with toppings in a bowl.

Ice-Cream Toppings

Recipes and Facts

Simple recipes for ice-cream toppings—inspired by plants that need the cold. The recipes.

Detail from the Spiclypeus shipporum page, coloured in.

Colouring Pages


What colour is your dinosaur? Printable colouring pages for all ages.

A detail from the crossword sheet.


Challenge your knowledge and vocabulary about the Arctic hare.

Photos: Two women at work in the field. Background: Science-related symbols in coloured hexagons. Text: Women in science at the heart of nature. Les femmes en sciences au coeur de la nature. Logo: Canadian Museum of Nature.

Women in Science: At the Heart of Nature

12 Videos

Meet inspiring women scientists from the museum, get to know the work they do and learn about their careers.

Colourful flames arising from a match strike.


Video Series

Snappy, five-minute presentations on science at the museum.

Two women kneel near an Arctic shoreline.

Arctic Blog Articles

Interesting, personal articles relating to the Arctic by various staff members at the museum.

Details from an array of photos.

A Window into the Arctic

Catch a glimpse of life in the North from the people who live and travel in the Canadian Arctic.

Bunchberry (Cornus canadensis).

Native-Plant Gardening

Helpful Leaflets

Practical advice and information to help you with native plants in gardening.

Illustration of a common garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis).

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