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Travelling Exhibition Rentals

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Need Funds?

Museums Assistance Program

MAP provides financial assistance to Canadian museums and related institutions for the cost of borrowing travelling exhibitions. Find out more.

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Nature on Tour

See the Exhibitions

Visit our travelling exhibitions in a town near you. Find out where they are.

Inspire Your Audiences... Naturally

If you are looking for a travelling exhibition that will attract and engage your visitors with memorable exhibitions about nature, look no further.

We offer high-quality, affordable and inspiring travelling exhibitions. These exhibitions cover a wide variety of subjects, and come in many sizes and formats.


Suitcase Exhibitions

This tabletop exhibition is full of surprises. It allows users to learn more about the diversity, form and properties of minerals, as well as their uses in everyday life.

Full-Size Exhibitions

Beneath the Surface: X-Rays of Arctic Fish
This exhibition features 16 spectacular back-lit images that reveal the intricate bone structure of fish found in the icy waters of Canada’s Arctic regions.

Canada's Waterscapes—Yours to Enjoy, Explore and Protect
Visitors to this 150 m2 exhibition will discover how we can better understand and protect Canada's aquatic ecosystems.

Canadian Wildlife Photography of the Year
The 30 winning photographs from the annual Wildlife Photography of the Year Contest, run by Canadian Geographic, are showcased in a new edition each year. Previous editions are also available. Approximately 79 running metres.

Flora of the Canadian Arctic
Through large scans of selected specimens, you will see an impressive array of delicate northern beauties.

Akin to modern art, these images show the wide range of colour and form seen in lichens.

A 60 m2 exhibition that explores the world of minerals and their variety in form and colour.

Information and Reservations

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