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Photo Shoots

Martin Lipman © Canadian Museum of Nature


Visitors may take personal memento photos inside the museum during their visit, except where otherwise noted. Additional lights and tripods are not permitted.

Weddings and Other Events

Indoor Photos

During museum hours:

  • Fee: Starts at $100. To paid at the reception desk.
  • This privilege is available to a wedding or event party only, to a maximum of 20 guests. Additional guests must pay admission to the museum.
  • Reservations: Required; availability is to be confirmed by the museum.

Rules and regulations:

  • Museum visitors have priority
  • Availability of rooms/exhibitions to be confirmed two days before the photo-shoot date
  • Tripods, balloons, confetti and rice are not permitted.

Outside of museum hours:

  • Contact us for prices and to make arrangements.

Outdoor Photos

Fee: Free.

Contact Us for Wedding/Event Photo Shoots


Prices subject to change without notice.

Commercial and Educational Photo Shoots

The Canadian Museum of Nature welcomes commercial and educational location shoots.

Rates and guidelines for commercial/educational photo shoots are outlined with our film-shoots information.

Fashion Shoots

Add something special to your fashion photography by setting the shoot in a unique location with striking architecture and fascinating exhibits.