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Queens' Lantern

Several chocolate parfaits.

Give It a Taste!

Delectable hors d'oeuvres, delicious meals, delightful desserts... Find out about the catering services available for your event at the museum.

The Queens' Lantern is a dramatic venue. Standing on the original 100-year-old mosaic floor at the base of the 65-foot high glass tower, you are presented with a breathtaking view of historical architectural features including stained glass windows and marble wainscoting.

This location enchants with its blend of old and new.

The Queens' Lantern is the ideal venue for cocktail parties, receptions, intimate dinners and wedding ceremonies.


  • wedding ceremony: 110
  • wedding banquet (round tables): please enquire
  • reception (stand-up): 120
  • banquet (round tables): 64
  • theatre: 120


117 square metres (1,259 sq. ft.)

Special Features

Wi-Fi Internet access


Outside of regular museum hours

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Martin Lipman © Canadian Museum of Nature


Jean Chartrand, DigitalPixs © Canadian Museum of Nature