Prehistoric shark: Megalodon

Nature Scoop

See a real fossil tooth and learn about this fearsome creature currently featured in the movie, The Meg. Watch the video.

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Award of Merit

Landscapes of Canada Gardens

The 2017 Urban Design Awards from the City of Ottawa have honoured the Landscapes of Canada Gardens at the Canadian Museum of Nature with an Award of Merit, Public Places and Civic Spaces.

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Research in the field

Hunting for fossils, diving for mussels, tracking the lynx and scouting for rare species are some of the research adventures awaiting Canadian Museum of Nature scientists this summer. Read more about their upcoming fieldwork in different areas of the country.

The Big 4-0

The Canadian Museum of Nature (CMN) has been putting a cornucopia of natural treasures on the road for four decades.

100 Years of Dinosaurs on Display

The Canadian Museum of Nature's first fossil hall opened in 1913 and the Edmontosaurus dinosaur mount is still on view a century later.

Research In the Field: Our Scientists at Work

From dinosaurs to marine algae, there are many lures that draw Canadian Museum of Nature scientists into the field.

Destination Arctic: 1913

Discover specimens collected 100 years ago in the first scientific expedition to the Canadian Arctic

Arctic-Bound This Summer

It's summertime and museum research staff are going to remote northern areas to conduct fieldwork.

Behind the Scenes of the Museum's Stellar Whale Collection

Read about the museum's magnificent whale collection, which includes more than 100 catalogued specimens.

Public-Information-Session Summary

The presentation and discussion at a public information session for the Canadian Museum of Nature.

Raising a Whale

Find out how to get a gigantic sperm whale skull up four floors for the Whales Tohorā installation.

Green Space and Parking at the Canadian Museum of Nature

Information about parking and the west side of the museum grounds.