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Temporary closure and move of Bird Gallery and Animalium


Ottawa, December 23, 2015—The Canadian Museum of Nature will temporarily close its Bird Gallery and Animalium insect exhibit on January 4, 2016, in order that they be improved and moved to the third floor. The fourth floor space they currently occupy, with its high ceilings, will become the new special exhibitions gallery. 

Animalium will reopen January 22. UPDATE: Nature Trade and the Science Corner activities will resume January 30. The Bird Gallery will reopen in June 2016.

"Since the reopening of the museum in 2010 following major renovations, we have seen how the museum’s gallery spaces are being used for exhibitions, special events and rentals," says museum President and CEO Meg Beckel. "These changes will allow the museum to better meet these needs and improve the visitor experience."

The bird and insect galleries, now on the uppermost floor of the museum’s west side, are being relocated to the third floor. This space is now used for rentals and events, as well as to host some travelling exhibitions.

The move frees up the fourth floor, with its high ceilings, to be refitted as a permanent spot to host blockbuster travelling exhibitions and the large specimens or design features that often come with them. The museum’s current special exhibitions space on the east side of its fourth floor will disappear when the permanent Arctic Gallery is installed there in June 2017. 

"With this move and refit, visitors will now have an uninterrupted flow of permanent galleries from the first to third floors, and we can continue to accommodate international, large-scale special exhibitions such as Animal Inside Out," explains Beckel.

A two-week closure of Animalium in May will also allow the museum to expand its contents through the addition of more insects, activities, and games. The Bird Gallery will remain more or less the same, with minor improvements such as the addition of a mock ambulance beside the popular Bird Clinic for children.  

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