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  6. Dino-Mite summer at Canadian Museum of Nature! More than 100,000 visitors to Ultimate Dinosaurs

Dino-Mite summer at Canadian Museum of Nature! More than 100,000 visitors to Ultimate Dinosaurs

OTTAWA, Sept. 29, 2016—Dinosaurs may be long gone from the planet, but the success of a blockbuster this summer at the Canadian Museum of Nature shows their continuing appeal. During its three-month run before closing September 5, Ultimate Dinosaurs, attracted 101,012 visitors, anchoring a busy summer tourist season at the museum.

The special exhibition introduced long-dead giants from the southern hemisphere, dinosaurs that roamed the ancient continent of Gondwana. Real fossils, models, activity stations, giant murals, and multimedia made up the Ultimate Dinosaurs experience, which was produced by the Science Museum of Minnesota.  Roving interpreters and special activities rounded out the fossil experience, while the Ottawa region felt the presence of Ultimate Dinosaurs through a creative gathering of roving T-Rex creatures. These friendly mascots took part in Yoga on Parliament Hill, played tourist at hotels and on boat and bus tours, and generally soaked up the social media limelight for a time.

“Cracking the 100,000 mark for a three-month show is a great milestone, and it reflects the show’s appeal to a range of people, from tourists to the city, to millenials at our Nature Nocturne series, and to tour groups from abroad,” says John Swettenham, the museum’s Director of Marketing and Corporate Advancement. “It showed that dinosaurs never go out of style, and we were able to have fun with it to feature Ottawa as a go-to place to this past summer.”

Now that the travelling dinosaurs have moved on, the museum is ready to be taken over by some more modern reptiles! The museum’s next special exhibition, Reptiles, opens October 7 for six months. Visitors will get eyeball to eyeball with living deadly snakes, colorful lizards, bizarre turtles, and rugged crocodilians. All are housed in terraria with naturalistic habitats. When Reptiles closes April 8, the museum will be in full preparation mode for the opening June 21, 2017 of its new permanent attraction about Canada’s North, the Canada Goose Arctic Gallery.

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