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Our Nature Boutique

A nature-inspired shopping destination!

Adorable sloths are available in the boutique! Visitors can see a live sloth in the exhibition, Survival of the Slowest, December 21, 2018 - April 22, 2019.

At the Canadian Museum of Nature’s Nature Boutique, you can find nature-inspired gifts for everyone. The Museum’s collections and galleries are reflected in upscale, authentic merchandise, bringing the museum shopping experience to the next level.

Along with a large assortment of adorable gifts and toys for children that are a key part of the boutique’s appeal, there are also items to please a serious collector or aficionado.

If you are looking to buy a rare mineral or fossil, the boutique’s merchandise coordinator, Jay Bartley, is happy to help. He has customers who come to him for just that purpose.  Whether you’re looking for a few little stones to start a rock collection, a curious fossil you won’t find in the average shop, or a stunning conversation piece crafted by nature, Jay has an ever-changing collection of unique natural wonders available for your perusal.  Want to delve deep into the distant past, and bring home a piece of pre-history? How about a piece of hadrosaur (duck-billed dinosaur) spinal column, a beautiful polished ammonite cut in two to display the perfect framework inside, or a sea creature called a crinoid that’s been around hundreds of millions of years? Our shop has all of these and more, but hurry in, with one coveted Megalodon tooth gone and only one other on the way before the Holidays, our collection will not last long!

Rock collectors will also be excited about the new assortment of mineral specimens, acquired after consultation with the Museum’s mineralogist, Dr. Paula Piilonen.

Interested in authentic Inuit art? You’ll find beautifully crafted items in the boutique from the North. As a leader in Arctic knowledge, exploration and scientific collections, the Arctic is a strong focus for the Museum. In 2017, the Museum opened the Canada Goose Arctic Gallery, where the Inuit perspective is prominent in the story of Canada’s changing North. The Arctic merchandise in the boutique is all from the Arctic Co-op, which is owned and controlled by 32 community-based co-operative businesses in Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon.

Leigh Stevenson is a specialist with 30 years’ experience revitalizing boutiques in cultural institutions. The Museum works with Leigh to obtain products that will make the Nature Boutique a specialized shopping destination. Stevenson says the objective is to position the boutique to reflect the Museum’s areas of expertise. If you’re looking for a specific mineral or book on the Canadian Arctic, it should be here, she emphasizes. And indeed, the boutique carries a selection of books on subjects ranging from Canadian mammals to rock identification to paddling in the North.

Passionate about polar bears? You will find them in various forms: a cuddly plush, a soap stone sculpture, or gracing mugs and notebooks through the artwork of Almonte resident, Bill Pratt. Partial to pollinators? Make a bee line to the dragonflies, bee coasters or cute ceramic honey pots by Ottawa-based Lyall Arts and Design. Going to a baby shower? Pick up some tiny wool socks with plaid-bear stitching, or a noisy bug crinkle toy with textures, colours, a mirror, and everything needed to help little minds grow. There’s something for nature keeners of all ages and interests.

The Nature Boutique is open from 9:30 am to museum closing time, and is closed on Mondays from September to May with the exception of holidays; see specific hours.

The purchase of museum admission is not required in order to shop at the boutique, so don’t delay; be sure to check out the array of Canadian-focussed, inspiring products that will educate, entertain and delight your friends and family.