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Monthly Giving

Text: Donate now.

An educator and a child using a microscope.

Donors and Sponsors

Champions of the Natural World

See how their practical support has helped the Canadian Museum of Nature interpret natural history and science themes in exciting and interactive ways.

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall: Support Nature Year-Round

Martin Lipman © Canadian Museum of Nature


Roger Bull © Canadian Museum of Nature


For many Canadians, monthly giving is quickly becoming a preferred way to support their favourite causes.

By spreading charitable gifts over a full year, donors find they receive as much as they give.

The Canadian Museum of Nature welcomes, encourages and appreciates donors who become part of the museum's Monthly Donor Plan.

By choosing to support the museum on a regular basis, you are helping to protect and share our natural heritage with future generations.

You may choose to become a Monthly Donor because of fond memories you had at the Canadian Museum of Nature. You may also enrol because you want to make a difference year-round. Either way, we are grateful for your support.

Monthly Donors can easily track charitable contributions through credit card or bank statements. Plus, your tax receipt is consolidated and delivered to you once at the end of the calendar year.

Choose to be become a Monthly Donor and every time you visit, pass by, or read about the Canadian Museum of Nature, you can say, "I proudly supported the museum this month".

Support Nature twelve months a year: consider monthly giving today.

Contact Us to Become a Monthly Donor

Marissa Croteau
Development Officer, Annual Giving